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My children used to fall sick every now n then. Cough cold fever loose motion and what not. I was tired of giving antibiotics. And they stopped eating anything. I was so concerned. My friend told me about Dr S K Sharma and Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. I started homeopathic treatment. Within one month I saw big change in their health. Now it is about two years and my children dont fall sick. I am very much impressed with effectiveness of homeopathy. I want to tell all moms that use homeopathy for your children.

Submitted By: Jyotsna

When for years I suffered from painful breast nodules painful periods heavy bleeding fibroids, I was clueless. I tried all possible things including homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines. I looked for good homeopathic doctor in Delhi. When I read about Dr S K Sharma on net I thought that this should help. And I was right. Four months of treatment and all my complaints are gone. Thanks Dr Sharma and thanks homeopathy.

Submitted By: Deepa P

Vital cure products are good. My whole family is taking it regularly for last 8 months. Our health has improved. My children do not fall sick as they used to. My sleep has improved. My married life has become more satisfying. My father is taking pain product and his knee pain is much better. We have saved thousands of rupees in last eight months.

Submitted By: Kartik Saha

For me Dr Sharma is God sent. I was having sexual weakness and problem with erection. I was so ashamed I stopped going to college. I searched for best online treatment for impotence and erectile dysfunction in India and I found Ethos Clinic in Green Park Delhi. I sent my problem to Dr Sharma by email. He replied and assured me. I got my medicine and within two months my problem was solved.

Submitted By: V T

I was having weakness and doctors told me that this is chronic fatigue syndrome. For 8 years I took treatment but it did not removed my sickness. I then searched for other treatment options of chronic fatigue syndrome in Delhi. I found about Ethos Homeopathy Clinic and was eager to meet Dr S K Sharma. I discussed my problem with him. I started taking homeopathy medicines. From day one I could feel it working. In few days I was much better. Now I am fine.

Submitted By: Joginder Singh

For many years I was suffering from bone spur condition and nothing was helping me. It was very painful. I took homeopathy treatment from Dr S K Sharma at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. It has helped me very much. I do not feel pain now and XRay shows that bone spur are no more there.

Submitted By: Kavita

I was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for about 18 years. I tried all treatments but there was no relief. My friend told me about ethos clinic and Dr Sharma. I took treatment and I am happy to tell you that I found much relief and now I have no complaints. My sincere thanks to Dr Sharma.

Submitted By: Praveen Bhanot 

I had very bad dreams in sleep. It was so bad that I was afraid of sleeping. I was shouting and screaming in sleep. I had no idea what to do. One of my relative sent me to Dr Sharma’s clinic. It turned out to be a good solution. I have good sleep now and my husband is very happy.

Submitted By: Shrilata

As a patient not many people know that real homeopathy is classical homeopathy in which at a time only one medicine is used. Most of the doctors use multiple medicines which is totally wrong and is harmful to health. I am a patient of sarcoidosis. I had severe breathing problem. When all treatments including homeopathy failed I studied about sarcoidosis and its possible cure. Then I read that most of the doctors are doing wrong practice of giving multiple medicines. I read that Dr Hahnemann who gave homeopathy strongly condemned such doctors. I looked for best classical homeopathy doctor in India. When I read about Dr S K Sharma and his vies on homeopathy I got convinced that this is the right place for actual correct homeopathy. I took his treatment and I found very good relief.

Submitted By: Jairam

I had poor digestion and severe constipation. I was not getting stool for days. My weight was very low. I always had stomach distention after eating. Nothing I could digest. I was very much ashamed. I took treatment from Dr S K Sharma. In 15 days my stool became regular and my hunger improved. I took medicine and now I am much better. I feel hungry and my weight is ok.

Submitted By: Jasvinder

My son was having memory and concentration problem. He was studying regularly but could not remember anything. He had severe anxiety before exams. His marks were not upto the mark. I consulted Dr Sharma for this. He gave homeopathic treatment to my son. There was very good effect and I could see good change. My son told me that his ability to learn and remember has improved. He scored very good marks in his next exams. Since then my son is doing good in studied.

Submitted By: R J Patel

It was all perfect few years ago. High class education, great job, success, happy marriage. I was happiest person. I did not realize when I fell into sickness trap. Obesity, high blood pressure, acidity, high cholesterol, diabetes, depression, strange body pains. My life became miserable. I tried to change my lifestyle started exercising, cutting down on high cal diet. Some help but it was too tall task. I was on verge of give up. One day I decided that I can not just let it go. I have wife kids. Then I searched for some good doctor who can help me overall, treat my diseases and take me out of this mess. I found about Dr Sunil Sharma and Ethos Body and Mind Clinic. I met Dr Sharma and told all my complaints. He assured me and started treatment. I learnt a lot about healthy living. Soon my depression was gone. I had better energy. My body was responding. Its now almost four months and I am very happy with my progress. My BP and Blood Sugar is stable. I am feeling very healthy again.

Submitted By: Ranjan S

For 11 years we remained childless due to my low sperm cell count. IVF failed and we lost hope. My friend asked me to meet Dr S K Sharma. His wife had taken treatment from Dr S K Sharma for infertility due to PCOD and she got well & finally conceived. I met Dr Sharma and started taking medicines. When after two months I got my test done there was increase in count. I felt very confident. In about 5 months my counts much better. In another two months my wife conceived. I am grateful to homeopathy for giving us so much happiness.

Submitted By: P S B

Like most of people I was also not aware what is real homeopathy. To me it is same everywhere but now I know most of the homeopathic doctors and clinics are not giving correct homeopathy. It only suppresses sickness. Real homeopathy is based on single medicine treatment. It is then safe and truly effective. I want to tell everyone that be careful in selecting your homeopathic doctor.

Submitted By: Ashish Goyal

My son is a medical student. Since his school days he had problem of low confidence exam stress and poor academic record. We were concerned about his future. We looked for best online clinic for psychological diseases in India or abroad. When I read about Dr S K Sharma I decided to seek his help. We consulted Dr S K Sharma online through email. He took all details and sent homeopathic medicines. I would say that treatment exceeded our expectation. His concentration got better and felt a lot comfortable during exams. We all were delighted to see a big leap in academic performance. And next year he got admission in medical college. What can I say about Dr S K Sharma. He has given new life to our child.

Submitted By: R Guha

My sister had severe mood swings problem. Without reason she would be verry irritable or very sad or even very happy. One day she would behave one way next day just opposite. It was very difficult for my whole family to handle situation. My parents were too worried. One of my cousin told me about Dr S K Sharma how he is helping patients with psycho problems with homeopathy and how people are getting very good benefit. I met him with my sister and told all details. He gave some medicines. First month there was not much difference except that her fighting was slighly less. After that we saw very good change. She was more balanced. Her behavior got better. This is so much relief to our entire family.

Submitted By: K Janardan

For years I could not get sound sleep. It was so frustrating to see every night everyone sleeping and snoring and I am watching them in agony. Sleeping pills were useless. And if at all I was sleeping I would have horrible dreams of accidents ghosts bad fights. It was terrible. My husband looked for options and suggested homeopathic treatment. I was lucky to find Dr S K Sharma because first day I started his medicines I felt good inside. Within a week I was sleeping sound. I am so grateful to Dr Sharma for such wonderful treatment.

Submitted By: Kirtika Aggarwal

This is my personal experience. I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I tried allopathic medicines for years but I could not feel improvement. When I read about homeopathic psychotherapy I was keen on using it. I started my treatment under Dr S K Sharma and homeopathy did in four months what other could not do in 16 years. I would say that if you have someone in your family suffering from any psychological disorder than you must use homeopathy.

Submitted By: Nicolas

I was suffering from OCD for almost 7 years. It was very difficult phase of my life. I was getting isolated socially. I took all medicines but nothing was helping me. One day I came to know about benefits of homeopathy in treating such problem. I found about Ethos Clinic and Dr S K Sharma. His expertise on the subject led me to seek his opinion. He studied my case and started with homeopathic treatment. In three months his treatment did what could not be done in seven years. I was fine, my mind cleared up and I am now enjoying my life.

Submitted By: Minakshi

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