By Dr. S. K. Sharma

The Challenge of Psychiatric Conditions
Psychological disorders pose one of the biggest health challenges today. According to one study, one out of five suffers from psychological disorders. The trend is rising. The common causes, apart from biological causes, are setbacks in life, grief, poor coping skills, faulty upbringing, high pace & high demands of modern life, complex social structure, rapidly changing human values, lack of role models, poor support system, influence of media etc. Our society is changing fast and the demands are challenging. These demands call for in-depth acceptance and constant adjustments. Everything happening at personal, social, professional or day to day life has profound psychological impact. Job stress and poor interpersonal skills at both social and family level are beginning to show its effect. Modes of communication are rising but true communication is lacking. More and more people feel misunderstood, alone and unwanted. Emotions are unsatisfied and mind management skills are lacking.

Result is obvious. This affects people’s ability to think, feel, act and relate in effective manner. They affect the happiness and progress in life. Psychological complaints are rising alarmingly. And to add there are many organic and functional disorders. The world needs a healing system which has safe and effective treatment for such complaints. The answer lies in homeopathy. It is the most safe and effective treatment method of psychological, psycho somatic and psycho sexual complaints.

Homeopathy is effective in treating conditions:

  • Anxiety disorders like non specific anxiety, health anxiety, social anxiety, anticipatory anxiety, stage / examination anxiety etc.
  • Behavior disorders like violence & uncontrolled anger (IED), impulsiveness,  gambling / stealing / pyromania / sex & pornography.
  • Childhood disorders like attention deficit disorders (ADHD), autism etc.
  • Cognitive disorders like amnesia, confusion, delirium, dementia etc. This includes poor memory, poor concentration, uncontrolled or unwanted thoughts, lack of confidence etc.
  • Dissociative disorders like depersonalization, identity disorder (confusion or duality of identity) etc.
  • Eating disorder like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating etc. Uncontrolled eating or aversion to eating. Cravings for specific food items or even non edible things like clay / chalk etc.
  • Factitious disorders like feigning sickness.
  • Mental disorders due to medical condition and sickness. Homeopathy treats both physical sickness & associated psychological condition simultaneously in holistic manner.
  • Mental retardation and poor development, specific or general.
  • Mood disorders like depression, mania, bipolar disorder etc. Both sadness with specific cause (like guilt, grief, failures in life, disappointment in love & relationship, business loss etc) and sadness without specific cause are well managed with homeopathy.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) like repeated washing, repeated checking etc.
  • Panic disorder like cue attacks, situational attacks, spontaneous attacks etc.
  • Personality disorders like anti social /avoidant / paranoid personality.
  • Phobic disorders like phobia of animals, accidents, water, crowded place, narrow place, darkness, height, etc.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder like after accident, rape / sexual abuse, violence etc.
  • Psycho social disorders like isolation, problem with social group or occupation.
  • Psychosomatic disorders like psychosomatic pain, conversion disorder, hypochondriasis, body dismorphic disorder, migraine, IBS,  etc.
  • Schizophrenia with delusions, hallucinations etc
  • Sexual & gender identity disorders like exhibitionism, fetishism, excess / lack of sexual desire, impotence, premature ejaculation, painful sex etc.
  • Sleep disorders like insomnia, poor sleep, sleep walking, nightmares etc.
  • Stress disorder and stress related psychological / physical complaints.
  • Substance abuse disorders like alcohol / drugs / smoking etc.

The Advantage of Homeopathic Psychiatry

  • It is effective in treating psychiatric diseases and gives peace of mind.
  • It improves alertness & functioning of mind. It does not make mind dull.
  • It is safe for all ages and conditions. It has no side effects.
  • It does not create dependence.
  • It is proactive and prevents sickness from developing.
  • It has unmatched reputation in treating psychosomatic conditions helping at both physical and mental level simultaneously.
  • It is suitable for both acute and chronic phases of sickness.
  • It values the significance of person’s thoughts, feelings, behavior as well as life incidents & circumstances.
  • It very well deals with emotional traumas and pent up emotions.
  • It can deal with chemical imbalance in brain and brings that back to balance.

Homeopathy has given high emphasis on psychology and personality of the person to be treated of any physical disease or psychological complaint. It takes mind and body as a complete whole. Its treatment of psychological complaints is positive i.e. it not only relieves complaints but also makes the person more functional to become more adaptable and better equipped to handle stress of life. Homeopathy understands and values minute feelings and also physical impact of emotions. It does not ridicule strange looking feelings and sensations but takes them as important messages of inner health. It ‘cures’ the root cause of psychological complaint be it impact of grief, disappointment or discord in personal life. It can even resolve pent up emotions & bad memories. It is said to restores the chemical imbalance in brain.

Patient  Specific Homeopathic Psychiatry  (PSHP) ©
Patient Specific Homeopathic Psychiatry is the advanced homeopathy developed by Dr S K Sharma using the techniques of Psychotherapy. It is a unique method of treating psychiatric disorders and psycho emotional complaints.
It’s advantages over commonly used homeopathy are :

  • It is quick & deep in action and is more effective in treating psychiatric disorders..
  • It uncovers & treats conflicts and disorders of deep subconscious mind.
  • It even heals emotional trauma of remote past.
  • It restores chemical balance in brain.
  • There is no aggravation, no side effect, no suppression of sickness.
  • It improves mental strength & functions including thoughts, feelings, behavior, memory, concentration etc.

Homeopathic Psychiatry at Ethos Body and Mind Clinic
At Ethos Body & Mind Clinic, cases of stress, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, sleeplessness, mania, phobia, OCD, autism, psycho sexual complaints like erectile dysfunction, psycho somatic complaints like migraine, irritable bowel syndrome etc have been effectively treated and managed using Advanced Patient Specific Homeopathic Psychiatry. It is equally suitable for acute episodes as well as long term maintenance. It can be used along with conventional treatment to reduce its side effects and to enhance wellbeing. The great thing about homeopathy is that it not only relieves psychological disorders but also enhances positive mental health resolving subconscious psychological conflicts. It does not make the patient dull but enhance mental alertness & activity level. It is the effective answer to psychiatric diseases and psycho emotional complaints.

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