Sciatica is a not really a disease but a condition when the sciatic nerve has problems that cause pain. This pain varies from person to person and can be moderate to severe. Usually the pain is felt in the thighs, buttocks and the lower back. Attacks of sciatica can get worse in cold and damp weather.
It can sometimes be difficult to walk when you are experiencing sciatica as you feel as if all the muscles in your legs are too tight and tense and you may also feel stitches when you walk. Fortunately there is a homeopathy sciatica cure that is almost if not as good as conventional medicine.

The Cures
There are different homeopathy sciatica cures depending on the severity and nature of the pain. One of the most effective and recommended homeopathy sciatica cures that are prescribed is the use of colocynth. Used with a combination of other remedies it is thought to be a very effective cure for sciatica.

If you experience pain at intervals during the night that is worsened by cold weather then you should think about using Arsecium. Combine treatment with keeping the body warm and you should find relief from the pain. It is especially important to keep warm, though using warmth alone will only give you temporary relief.

If your sciatica is not severe then you may want to consider using Pulsatilla as a homeopathy sciatica cure. If the pain is along your spinal cord and you feel shooting pains down to your feet then you will need a different remedy. Nux Vomica is a good remedy if your pains are along your spinal cord.

Determining the Type of Pain

Talk to your homeopathic practitioner about what homeopathy sciatica cures will work for you best. You need to discuss in detail the type of pain you feel and where exactly you feel it. It would also be helpful to discuss the time that you feel the pain, such as at night or when the weather is damp. All these things will help your homeopath to determine what to prescribe you to relieve the pain.

Some of the things that are used in homeopathy to treat sciatica may seem strange at first but they do work. If you have found no relief with mainstream medicine then you should try these homeopathy sciatica cures to help you. They are natural and rely on holistically healing your body and helping the nervous system.

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