The best friend of entire family

Homeopathy is the best friend of every family. It cares & helps in every small and big need. By using homeopathy in day to day life, millions of families around the world live a healthful life. It is like having a family doctor as a family member. It supports family health by :

  • It improves mental and physical health.
  • It reduces cost and time spent on healthcare by every family.
  • It can be used as first aid.
  • It can be safely used in early control of acute ailments.
  • It is safe as long term treatment of chronic ailments.

Homeopathy has wide range of medicines which can effectively help through different stages of life. Its natural care starts even before conception and continues to support throughout life. Some common indications where homeopathy plays a positive role are:

Pregnancy: It helps in natural, healthy & trouble free pregnancy by improving general health of couple.. It prepares males and females for natural conception. In females it helps in conditions like infertility due to hormonal disorders, infertility due to ovarian or uterus factors like PCOD, infertility due to other medical ailments etc, habitual or recurrent abortion, pregnancy related ailments like poor growth, gestational diabetes, infections etc, post pregnancy ailments and complaints of lactation. In males it helps in conditions like sterility due to hormonal causes, testicular causes or any other medical condition. It improves sperm count, activity and morphology.

Early childhood:
Homeopathy improves immunity and growth in early childhood. It helps in infections, respiratory difficulties, diarrhea, primary dentition, pains like colic, growth like sitting, walking, speaking etc.

Childhood and Adolescence:
Ailments of repeated infections, adenoids, tonsillitis, bed wetting, teething, poor appetite,  poor growth, autism, ADHD, dyslexia, school or exam phobia, behavior problems, childhood asthma, nephrotic syndrome, food or milk intolerance, worms, cough & cold, fever, stammering, teeth grinding, travel sickness etc.

Homeopathy helps in wide range of ailments ranging from skin to respiratory system, from digestive to cardiovascular system, from genitourinary to endocrine system, from immunological to neurological system, from orthopedic to reproductive system. It has unique advantage because being constitutional treatment it improves functioning of all body organs & systems.

Females & Males: In adult males & females it helps in naturally improving the sexual and reproductive function.

Middle age: Homeopathy has unique advantage in prevention and treatment of middle age ailments like diabetes, hypertension, ischemic heart disease, obesity, baldness, rheumatoid arthritis.

Old age:
Homeopathy is probably the most suitable medicine for old age when degeneration sets in the body. It can be safely & effectively used in conditions like arthritis, poor vision & other senses, poor body functions, deterioration of mental faculties, memory weakness, alzheimer’s disease, prostate enlargement, kidney failure, psychological disturbances etc.

Homeopathy has advantage of working at different levels and for specific aspects.

First Aid: Level one is the First Aid where it treats cuts, bruises, sprains, burns, food poisoning etc. It is a useful support in every home for minor injuries & ailments. It is very useful in conditions like jet lag, travel sickness etc.

Acute ailments:
Level two is the treatment of acute conditions like common cold and cough, acute fever, acute diarrhea etc. It gives quick relief and also improves immunity to reduce frequent occurrence of such acute diseases.

Chronic ailments:
Level three is the treatment of chronic progressive diseases like hypertension, diabetes, asthma arthritis etc. Constitutional treatment treats disease as well as improves the health status (both physical and psychological) by stimulating this natural healing mechanism.

Homeopathy is a great friend of students. It improves memory & concentration, eliminates examination fear & stress, removes mental tiredness, regulates sleep & appetite and avoids need for stimulants.

Work related ailments:
Like students homeopathy can help in increasing performance at work by improving self confidence, memory & concentration. It eliminates job related stress. It also helps in job related conditions like back pain, neck pain, vision problem, depression, anxiety etc.

Directly or indirectly, homeopathy helps in improving family relationships as well. It helps by improving health, reducing stress, improving mental & physical functioning and treating behavioral problems. It can also help couples by improving sexual & reproductive function.

It is clear how homeopathy naturally supports throughout life. Make homeopathy your family member. Come and join thousands of families around the world who have already made our specialized Advanced Clinical Homeopathy a friend and a family member. Contact Us to live a healthier life.

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